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The Domestic Tourist Profile of Eastern Black Sea Region and Its Use in Market Segmentation
Destination and touristic products devoted to that destination make different senses to different tourist groups. In order to be able to realize effective marketing activities, to use the sources efficiently, to satisfy the needs of tourist and ensure a competitive advantage over its rivals, tourist profile of the destination is required to be identified. Thanks to the correctly identified tourist profile, it could be possible to segment the market by splitting tourists into homogeneous groups and offer ideal touristic products that will meet the needs and expectations of each segment. There is no tourist profile research about Eastern Black Sea Region where rapid changes has been observed for the last fifteen years. This research has been made to identify the profile of tourists who participated in a tour package of Eastern Balck Sea Region and to propose a market segmentation based on that profile. As a result of analysis of the datum obtained by survey method, it has been ascertained that, Eastern Black Sea Region is mostly visited by undergraduates, government employees and 31-60 age segment. Among the participants’ reasons of going on Eastern Black Sea Region excursion; cost, natural beauties and amusement factors come to the forefront, while most wondered cities were Trabzon and Rize. <

Tourist Profile, Market Segmentation, Eastern Black Sea, Eastern Black Sea Tourism, Eastern Black Se

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