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On the Origins of the Place Name ‘Budjak’ to the North of Black Sea
The region that can be simply defined as the north of the Danube, and as preventing Moldova from Access to the sea, used to be called Budjak ‘corner’ during the Ottoman rule, and the same word survived to us at least in scientific literary usage. The region was denominated Ongl, a Slavic word with the same meaning as the Turkic Bucak ‘corner’, in early Medieval. Before it, authors of antiquity use the word Peuce for the same region, at least from the 1st Century BC. That word means also ‘corner’ in Turkic and other languages of the Altaic region; it is indeed the earlier form of the later word budjak. Thus, it seems there was usage of Turkic in a place name in the nortwest of Black Sea in Antiquity. Regarded altogether with some other data and results, this would contribute a lot to the explanation of earlier Turkic presence in the region. <

Budjak, Onglos, Peuce, place names, north of Black Sea.

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