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A Study on the Reflections of the Iranian Revolution (1906-1911) on Azerbaijani Literature
Caucasia has always witnessed frequent foreign interventions because of its unique strategic location, underground and ground sources; it has seen many resistance movements throughout its history. Those movements which continued until recent times are one of the sources of a particular heroic and epic style in literary works. Azerbaijani literature is one of the fields which the socio psychological attitude, as an outcome of the developments in the region, actually shaped cultural studies. We see a more active and dynamic phase in literature particularly in the last quarter of the 19th c and beginning of the 20th c. During those years western ideas, foreign political events and particularly constituionalism and independence movements in Turkey and Asia were particularly influential. The reflections of the indepence movement led by the legendary leader Setter Han during 1906-1911 on literary world can be cited as an example of that attitude. The movement also known as the Iranian Revolution, is treated in literary works with thoughts and impressions on the reasons of the rebellion, the influence of constitional monarchy on people and leading figures. This article studies the effects of Iranian Revolution on Azerbaijani literature based on the Iranian Revolution chronology. <

Iranian Revolution (1906-1911), Azerbaijani Literature, Ali Ekber Sabir, Setter Han, Mehemmet Ali Şa

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