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Macedonia Question According to The Times (1918-1945)
"Macedonia Question" has been one of the most important problem in the process of reconstruction in Balkans region especially after the first World War. During this period both Bullgaria and the Serbian-Croatian-Slovene Kingdom made a great effort to take control the whole Macedonia and had tried achieve their aim by establishing armed organization. Macedonia has witnessed the great powers' struggle of penetrate on the region, furthermore, it became an area that one of the bloody conflicts took place in the first World War. The United Kingdom, one of the powerful state of that era, in this period (just as in the Ottoman period) closely interested the Macedonian question and has tried to complate it in favour of its own interest. In this context, The Times, the most influential newspaper in Britain, closely followed the devolopments in the region by sending its reporters. The Times, in addition to give regular information flow from the region, gives remarkable news and comments about secret and clear fights between Bulgaria, Greece and Serb-Croat-Slovene Kingdom and policies towards to ethnic groups on Makedonia, and approaches from the great powers and Turkey on the topic of "Macedonia Question".<

The Times, Macedonia, England, Balkans, Bulgaria

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