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A Stereotype for the Last Years of the Ayan Institution: The Case of Süleyman, Âyân of the Aşağı Kürtün County of the Gümüşhane Sancak
In this paper, it is examined that oppressions by Yakup's son Suleyman who Âyân was a notable of the Inferior Kurtun of Gümüşhane, which was an ottoman sanjak in late of the 18th and early of 19th centuries, was some related compleints of the people, Suleyman's capture, his execution an a survey of the accident. Oppressed to the people he was arbitrary killing people, violating women and girls, and sizing by force the properties of people. Upon these, people of Ashaghy-Kürtün and its environments compleinted him to the local administrator. So the rulers acted to catch him in difficulty Consequently, after his judging he was executed. Besides, İt is touched on some subjects such as occuring of the Ayânlık as a institution, its working and corruption.<

Ottoman Empire, ayanlik, Gümüşhane, Kürtün-i Zîr, Aşağı Kürtün, Yakup's son Suleyman, Gümüşhane Made

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