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Turkey and the Changing Balances in the Black Sea
BlackSea has been recently increasing its importance as a geographical region in relation to own exclusive position over the energy lines. At one side, Russia applies all intervention methods to gain her former influence in the region and ensure its control over the energy lines, BlackSea Countries have generally turned their face to West and particularly European Union. On the other side, United States aspires to access into region with the mask of NATO forces under the guise of filling the power vacuum and ensuring the security. On the process of Western integration and their economical development, BlackSea Countries have run into many security problems particularly which the Russia takes other side. It will take long time to settle disputes in the region where locating a part of struggle between Russia and Western countries. Turkey, as pioneer country founding BlackSea Ecomnnomic Cooperation Organization initiative, failed to produce creative projects because of her orientation to accession process into EU. Whether Turkey manages or not her EU integration, it requires to form a new and straightforward strategy fort he BlackSea in the framework her interests.<

BlackSea, Turkey, Russia, Energy, EU.

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