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New Black Sea Strategies of New Power Wars
During the Cold War, the Black Sea became a sea of tension between the two poles, with the disintegration of the Warsaw Pact and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union. This multilateralism has given a new dimension to international relations in the Black Sea. The Black Sea Region, which has a dull position within the balances of the Cold War era, began to live in mobility with the evolution of the international system and the perceived new threat perception since the end of the Cold War years. When we look at the developments that have emerged from the last period of the Cold War to the present day, it is seen that this movement has been taking place in every dimension of security, military, political, social, economic and environmental aspects. Due to the multidimensional nature of the Black Sea security, numerous international and regional structures have either political or operational areas covering the Black Sea or directly related to the Black Sea. Along with the changing global balances, new equilibria have been set on the Black Sea. Russia, US, EU and Turkey as well as the great powers, regional powers such as Turkey, are also trying to determine positions in this new power war.

Crimea, Russian Federadition, Black Sea Security, Ukraine, Global Powers

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