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Occupational Politics of Russian in Azerbaijan During I. Alexander Period
Since Tsar Petro, landing in the hot seas had been the main target of Russian foreign policy and for this Russia was aware that it first needs to have the South Caucasus. But there were strong opponents such as the Ottomans and Iran, who dominated certain areas of the region. Nevertheless, Petro's policy of landing to the south was also the main target of the tsars and within a hundred years from that time, the entire South Caucasus was under Russian domination. According to its geographical location, Azerbaijan1 in the South Caucasus was occupied during the reign of I. Alexander. Therefore, in this study the occupation activities of Tsarist Russia in Azerbaijan and the resulting Russian-Iranian conflicts were evaluated based on Russian resources of the time. Therefore, we think that published narratives, reminders, travel notes and history books are of importance in terms of learning Russian political aspects generally to the South Caucasus and especially to the Azerbaijani khanates

I. Alexander, Azerbaijan, Tsarist Russia, Iran, Ottoman

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