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Citizenship Perception of University Students: the Gümüşhane University Sample
In this study, it was tried to measure the citizenship perceptions of the students studying at University. 54.2% of the participants were female, 45.8% were male. In the study, 251 student questionnaires were applied among students in different departments and classes in Gümüşhane University using simple random sampling method. The fieldwork of the research was carried out in December 2017. The research was designed in accordance with the screening model. Essentially, the article is seeking answers to the question "what are the perceptions of citizenship of university students, the highest educated group in the society, and are they different from other segments of society?" In the research, it was tried to determine the life style, identity perception, future outlook, people 's thoughts, political participation levels and citizenship perceptions of university students. According to the results of the research, the majority of participants identified themselves as traditional conservatives in their lifestyle. The majority of those surveyed stated that they are happy and that they see their future well. For the participants, the first thing that is worth fighting for is the nation-nation-flag-state. Another finding of the survey was that the participants were always voting in general and local elections. It is seen that the level of being a member of any association, foundation and civil society is low. Political participation is mostly about voting in the elections. According to the survey, Turkey is understood that the unity of the motherland's territorial-most important factor that holds together. According to the survey, Turkey is understood that the unity of the motherland is the most important factor that holds together. One of the remarkable results of the research is that half of the participants do not think that they can make political influence. According to the survey, participants were responding highly (86.9%) when their rights were violated, but others appeared to be unresponsive in response (74.1%) to an action support call. According to the survey, the top three of Turkey's most important problem of terrorism is injustice and education. In addition, a large proportion of participants (74.59%) think that people are unreliable.

Citizenship, Nation State, Perception of Citizenship, Identity, Student

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