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Printed A Book With Karachay-Balkar Turkish and Arabic Letters: “Kıtabu’l-Iman Ve’l-Islam”
In this study was information provided in terms of form and content about printed a book with Karachay-Balkar Turkish and Arabic letters “Kitabu’l-Iman ve’l-Islam” (Book of faith and Islam), also İsmail Akbay’s life and studies author of the book. Briefly mentioned about writing errors and features of Arabic letters in this book. Have been detected some remarkable linguistic features in this book, and compared with the current Karachay-Balkar Turkish writing language. Some words and suffixes have been detected belonging to Turkey Turkish but not Karachay-Balkar Turkish, and some Arabic words entered Turkey Turkish through. All of these data were evaluated. At the end of this study, this book was transcribed from Arabic letters to Latin alphabet. Then, the book was translated from Karachay-Balkar Turkish to Turkey Turkish. And finally the book was given original form in Arabic letters. The book “Kitabu’l-Iman ve’l-Islam”, which is the subject of this study, it is very important for researchers. Because it is printed in Arabic letters and there are some interesting linguistic features. Also, this book is one of the first written sources.

Karachay-Balkar Turkish, Arabic letters, İsmail Akbay.

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