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The Bitik Which was Sent in 1592 by Gazi Giray Khan the Second to The Polish King Sigismund the Third
The diplomatic correspondences which were performed with foreign states hold a significant place within the document corpus from Crimean Khanate that reaches today. Moreover, these diplomatic correspondences which can be considered as the main significant source related to political, social and cultural situation of Crimean Khanate provide us important imformation about the official written language of Khanate. As it is known, Crimean Khanate is a state sustaining the state tradition of Golden Horde in terms of politics, culture, diplomatics which ruled in the north of the Black Sea. Furthermore, after being connected to Ottoman Empire, the dominancy of Ottoman influence in the diplomatic correspondences of Khanate can be observed. Especially this influence demonstrates itself more clearly in the correspondences that were performed with Ottoman sultans. The official letter that is discused in this article was sent in 1592 by Gazi Giray Khan the Second to the king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and it is of primary importance due to its differences in terms of stylistics within the official correspondences of Crimian Khanate. This letter as the other bitiks sent to foreign states differentiates itself from the general correspondences carried out with the Ottomans in terms of language and style. In the present study, it will be touched on linguistic and stylistic features of the correspondences by emphasizing the bitik’s content importance in Crimean Khanate.<

Crimean Khanate, Diplomatic Correspondences, Diplomatic Tradition of Crimean, Bitik.

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