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Hyponymy in Codex Cumanicus
Briefly hyponymy is words of under the term or a genus name of species. And top structure that includes the co-hyponyms are expressed in terms of hyperonymy. This kind of classification in the semantic field is useful for demonstrating the hierarchy of language and for facilitating semantic studies. Co-hyponym words can vary from language to language and from dialect to dialect. In this article lexicology of Cuman dialect that is a branch of historical Kipchak Turkic is evaluated in terms of hyponymy / hyperonymy. For this purpose, Codex Cumanicus which is the only source of Cuman dialect is compared to Old Turkic, Middle Turkic and especially Mamluk-Kipchak sources. As a result of these comparisons, it has been seen that Codex Cumanicus lexicology is beyond other examples in terms of hyponymy. <

hyponymy, hyperonymy, co-hyponym, superordinate, Cuman dialect, Codex Cumanicus.

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