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Crimean Policy of the RussianTzardom in the XIX. Century
The Russian Tzardom warranted security of the Crimean Tatars and their freedom of religion, granted die same rights as the other nations within the Tzardom had. But the state soon started economic and cultural reforms and some pressures. Magnates (the rnirzas) and member of the clergy resisting those policies were exiled. Russian settlers were brought to emptied areas. The aim was to secure continuity of Russian hegemony in Crimea. Facing pressures of the Russian government, many Crimean Tatars migrated from their homeland. These migrations lasted during the XIX. century. This article deals with Russian policies aiming at regulating economic conditions by reforming land owning system, and the Crimean Tatars vis a vis those practices. <

The Crimean Khanate, the RussianTzardom, agrarian reform, the mirzas (Tatar magnates), migration and

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