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Tokat Province in the XVII Century According to a Sakk Journal
Guide books showing how the documents within the framework of the rules of Sharia Courts be arranged are named sakk majmua. These majmuas, prepared by qadis who have worked in courts over many years, were based on sample documents selected from Court Registers. In these majmuas, it is also found document types like script, verdict, and charter of a waqf visible in qadi registers including court records. In this article, one of the Sakk majmuas of Tokat is examined. The most important characteristics of this majmua prepared with the documents selected from 17th century registers is that it throws fresh light on a relatively black era which we do not have any accounts because the first court register of Tokat is belong to the 18th century. In fact the register includes information about epidemics, fires, social relations and guild groups in the city. In this article, it is aimed to evaluate broadly the data compiled from the majmua pertaining to above-mentioned subjects.<

Ottoman, Tokat, Sakk, Majmua, Qadi Register, Court.

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