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The Expressions Of The Traditional Hemshin Weavings In The Determination And Analysis Of Rize-Hemshin Ethno-Culture
Hemshin county of Rize which is one of the most important and unique cities of Eastern Black Sea Region is a constantly attention-grabbing county with both its nature and cultural structure until today. Because of the ongoing debates about the history of Hemshin, the origin and the culture of Hemshin people, many scientific and amateur studies have been conducted until today. Some of these studies evaluated the case from an objective and scientific perspective but a great deal of them evaluated it from a non-objective perspective in a mistaken way because of ideological reasons. In today’s world where the super powers of the world directed their attention on Caucasus and Asian countries from Middle East, the number of the studies to be conducted about the region is going to increase. Because this geography is the competition region of the next century. In this context, debates about the Black Sea, the window of Caucasus to the world, and Hemshin in particular is becoming intensive. In this manner, illuminating who the Hemshin and Hemshin people are and what their origins are is in strategical importance for our country. In this study, Hemshin weavings (including also knitting) which are one of the keystone of Hemshin culture are analyzed in terms of folkloric to illuminate the identity of Hemshin and Hemshin people, and the motives used in the weavings that are one of the identity cards of the culture are compared with samples from different regions of Turkish world and the similarities and differences of the Hemshin weavings are revealed, and so a conclusion will be made about the origins of the Hemshin culture.

Rize, Hemshin, weaving culture, motive, Black Sea

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