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Hüseyin Pertev Sanaç, Trabzon Deputy of Democrat Party And His Politicial Life (1954-1961)
Hüseyin Pertev Sanaç is one of the deputies of Democrat Party from Trabzon who studied law. He devoted his life to his country and state affairs until he was elected in 1954 and became a member of Parliament and initiated his legislative life. He offered many services during World War I and National War of Independence. He was rewarded with War of Independence Medal. He continued his services during the Republic period. He preferred starting his active political life in 1953 under the body of Democrat Party. He was able to enter Parliament as a deputy from Trabzon in the election held in 1954 with Democrat Party. Though he was not active to a great extent, he worked in commissions. Sanaç was arrested during 1960 Coup D’etat. He was put on trial in Yassıada and sentenced for penal servitude. During the trials, his legal adviser was Ruhi Eyüboğlu. However, he made additional defenses showing his legal identity. Sanaç was released in 1962 with amnesty law. He died in 1967. This study was mainly based on Yassıada Reports kept in Prime Ministry Republic Archive. It dwells on trial process of Democrat Party Trabzon Deputy Hüseyin Pertev Sanaç in Yassıada court. <

Deputy, policy,, defense, Yassıada

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