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Russia’s Nagorno Karabakh Policy in Former Soviet Union
When we take into consideration the common interests among Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan- Russian-Armenia (Western Azerbaijan), USA-EU in Caucasus, we can realize once again that it is too difficult to constitute peace process in this region. İn the last century, as the administtrative and political system of the world changes, we can’t see another region like Caucasus. Nagorno-Karabakh Region of Azerbaijan is an important case bath local, geographical and geopolitical aspects of Caucasus. Nagorno-Karabakh is vital and a symbol for Armenians because of realizing the dream of Great Armenia. Today, some people suggest the idea “give the land and be free”, but we realize that this agproach is not correct method. The years between 1938-1953 were refarded as “exiling period of guilty peoples”. Although peoples living in Caucasus struggled agaıhst many difficulties durıng the Second World War and won a victory. Soviet Union identified its own Turkish citizens and Muslims as “public enemy” and punished them. Unfortunately, people called “public enemy” were only Muslims living in Armenia. It looked like, maıh purpuse of Russia was to do ethnic cleansing So Russia tried to remove the Muslims living in Armenia. By this way, land issue of Azerbaijan became a current issue both in Caucasus and in the World.<

Azerbaijani, Dashnak,, Karabakh, Soviets, Russia, Academical

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