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Native Front in Trabzon (12 October 1958-27 May 1960)
Adnan Menderes, in his speech given in Mania on 12th of October in 1958, stated that a Native Front would be established covering all the citizens against demolishing activities of the Opposition. After these statements, contributions from Trabzon to Democratic Party were not at a satisfying level for Headquarters in 1958 though they had shown an increase. Thus, Prime Minister Adnan Menderes sent a circular letter to Trabzon DP organization and wanted them to be more active. After the organisation in Trabzon intensified its acts and propaganda activities, some resignations both from administration and member scales took place and participations to Native Front increased in 1959. The biggest contribution took place in 1960 after Reisoğlu Bus Company participated in Democratic Party and therefore thousands of citizens became a member of Native Front. This paper examines the situation of Native Front whose formation process started on 12th of October in 1958 in Trabzon taking into account telegrams regarding the participations in DP, especially the documents we obtained from Republican Archive of Prime Ministry and local media of that period. <

Democratic Party, Native Front, adherence, the opposition

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