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Rus Doğal Gazı ve Ham Petrolünün Jeopolitiği
That Russian economy and policy have experienced a form of a decline in both regional and international affairs after the demise of the Soviet Union is a fact. Huge budget deficit in one hand and the loss of political influence in particularly the near abroad have put Russia in a difficult position. It is the geopolitics of energy resources that Russia posses that has provided the opportunity for Russia to come over this difficult situation. Ownership of immense crude oil and natural gas reserves and the dominance over the control of the transportation routes have been very influential in the revival of Russian economy and politics in both regional and global scale. Moreover, Russia has proven to be willing and active in making use of her energy sources and transportation routes as a tool in her foreign policy. Russia has found an opportunity to assert her strength and influence upon the relevant states by the successful use of energy geopolitics.

Russia, pipeline, energy, geopolitics

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