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The Journal Kırım (Crimea)
It is needed to be examined the magazines which were published in past times for the studies of history of literature and policy. That article focuses on the Kırım Mecmuası published in 1917. The Kırım Mecmuası starts its publication on March 3, 1334 (1918) in Istanbul and it continues till the date of May 15, 1335 (1919); it has 23 volumes. The Kırım Mecmuası is a review published in Istanbul with the aim of uniting the Turks by the people who carry a great love for their former motherland, Kırım. It is a society publication. 'The Kırımlılar Cemiyeti" (The Society of Kırım People) in Istanbul purposed to transcribe the history, the place, the people, the culture of Kırım to hold it on the agenda. So the main theme used in the review is based on the love for motherland. The Kırım Mecmuası has the quality to be a guide for the past and post reviews in the aspect of proficiency of using language. Here, Ismail Gaspıralı's talent to use language effectively can also be seen easily in that review. Sin d the most common topic examined in that review is to unite the Turkish societies which are scattered.<

Review, with Ottoman language, Kırım, 1917, The society of Kırım People, Tatar, Ismail Gaspıralı

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