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The Court-Government, The United Kingdom, Mustafa Kemal and Journey to Anatolia
Western countries which achieved significant progress in 18th century through industrial revolution found themselves competing with each other in search of raw materials and market in order to sell their products. As a result, they formed two blocs and started to become armed fast. In the early 20th century, these countries started a war which lasted for years. At the end of the war, the alliance which the Ottoman Empire joined was defeated. Soon, the Ottoman Empire was attacked and occupied throughout the country. The ruling body was in total cooperation with occupying forces. In contrast, there was a great reaction to the occupation. Uniting these reactions to occupation, Mustafa Kemal and his friends freed Anatolia and Thracian both from occupation and monarchy and founded public sovereignty based republic.<

The Sublime Porte, England, Mustafa Kemal, the Trip to Anatolia, Independence War.

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