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Limited Multiple Meaning of İmperfective or Cumulative Meaning of the Perfective: Which Form to Use or How to Distinguish One From Another?
The analysis of individual aspectual meanings and the description of the system of language means, as well as the study of particular issues lead to a clearer understanding of aspectual problems in languages. This approach is especially important for those cases in which one linguistic concept manifests itself in a language in several forms. In this regard, “the multiplicity”, which is a part of the quantitative aspectuality, manifests itself in the Russian language primarily in various particular aspect meanings of the forms of perfective and imperfective. Besides, it comes in as modes of action, or finds a lexical expression in the meaning of the verb itself, as well as using adverbs and adverbial words, which sometimes complicates the understanding of this category in usage. The purpose of this article is to determine the nature of the correlation of the multiplicity meanings in the forms of the limited multiple meaning of imperfective and the сumulative meaning of the perfective, identification of patterns of interaction of multiplicity in these forms, the establishment of a system of language means of expression of various shades of multiplicity values by the perfective and imperfective forms, comparing them from the point of view of morphological and semantic differences between the Russian and Turkish languages.

aspectuailty, quantitive aspectuality, multiplicity, aspect, perfective, imperfective, ind,v,dual as

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