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An Initiative of Security Community Construction in Eurasia: Eurasian Economic Union
The security community depicted by Karl W. Deutsch refers to the level of integration in a region where the use of force and also war impossible. This approach of Deutsch has a community-oriented content, not a state-oriented one. Security community emphasizes the creation of a mutual dependency relationship between societies. Eurasia is a region with high geostrategic and geoeconomic potential in terms of its geographical location and natural resources. Russia has serious geographical, political and military advantages in Eurasia, which is the scene of initiatives of global and regional actors to create hegemony. Moscow, which aims to construct a hegemony that reflects its own global power in the former Soviet geography, focuses on the idea of Eurasianism. It is seen that Russia, which aims to reflect this idea into practice, has developed institutional alternatives as well as bilateral relations. The Eurasian Economic Union, which is still in its infancy, is the most important institutional structure in this context. The success of the Eurasian Economic Union in creating a security community in the region and China, which cooperates with Russia in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, is an issue that should be emphasized in terms of Eurasian security and Russia's steps.

Eurasianism, Collective Security Treaty Organization, Central Asia, Shanghai Cooperation Organizatio

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