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Safety and Logistics Activities In Sinope During the Hours and National Struggles
Since the beginning of January 1919, the Entente Powers, which thought that the Ottoman Empire had tied their hands with the Mondros Armistice, began to intensify their activities in the region of Sinop. The Istanbul government was trying to take measures to prevent the occupation of the region in violation of the conditions of the armistice. On January 11, 1919, the government decided to send the Preveza Gambot to Sinop. 9. After the warnings of the Army Inspector Mustafa Kemal Pasha in Sinop, which he visited on May 18, 1919, in the meeting with the dignitaries of the city, the national activities accelerated in Sinop. First of all, protest demonstrations were held in Sinop and its districts to protest the occupation of İzmir by Greeks. Protest telegraphs were taken to the Istanbul. During the period of Muhittin Pasha in Kastamonu, under the command of Sinop Mevkii Command, Coastal Protection Artillery Team Command and Sinop Gendarmerie Team Command were formed. Government and the representatives of the Entente States. In the first week of August 1919, Sinop Defense of Rights Association was established. On the date of 10.01.1921, Sinop Branch of Military Police (Month's Pe) Organization was established. In the supply of the Turkish Army fighting at the Western Front, the ports and piers within the Sinop Sanjak, such as Sinop Port, Taşyanağı Pier, Gerze Pier and Akliman, carried out important duties. Sinop, who gave all kinds of support to the National Struggle with its life, totaled 1,118. In addition, the Sinopites provided all kinds of support for the National Struggle movement by collecting a large amount of food, clothing and weapons through both the National Committees of Chastity and through the Hilal-i Ahmar Society.

Security Activities, National Activities, Fulfillment of the Western Front, Military Activities, Log

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