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Ukraine Gagauz Poet Vasiliy Uzunov’s Life and Vocabulary in His Poems
Every literary product, whether oral or written, contributes to the development of that language. These products, which are created today, are growing even more thanks to technology. This process brings great benefit, especially to languages which have a certain place in the world. However, this is not always the case for languages with few speeches. Because the dominant language is so pervasive in all areas of life, rather than publishing a book, even speaking has become difficult. It is possible to see a similar situation in Gagauz Turkish in Ukraine. The Gagauz of Ukraine, which forms the southern part of the Gagauz of Bessarabia, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it separated from Gagauz in Moldova with political borders. Ukrainian Gagauzis do not have certain rights, such as their brothers in Moldova. On the other hands, The Gagauz of Moldova have certain opportunities in cultural and economic terms thanks to their rights and autonomy. Therefore, every literary, scientific and educational book printed in Gagauz Turkish is available for the material and spiritual infrastructure in Moldova. Since these opportunities are not available in the Ukrainian Gagauz, every written material produced in their mother tongue is very valuable. In this context, the poems of Vasiliy Uzunov, who is one of the Ukrainian Gagauz, must be considered. Vasiliy Uzunov is a poet born in the village of Kotlovina (Balboka) in the district of Reni in the Odessa region. The poet, who wrote poems since his youth, chose the heroes from the animals, especially in a large part of his poems such as Aesop. Perhaps in this sense, he is the first poet to write such poems. There are poems in which the poet handles social issues. In this study, life, poems and vocabulary of Vasiliy Uzunov will be discussed.

Gagauz poetry, Aesop, Ukraine, endangered languages.

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