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Terms About Animal Physiology and Their Metaphorism in Azerbaijan Language
The article embraces the called age and gender identity of one of the lexico-semantic word-groups zoonyms which distinguished by its originality. Zoonymic units are distinguished as lexical-semantic groups rich semantic structure and complex character other word groups of language. One of the main features of these words are called a living of their age, gender and some characteristics features. If we look at the name of living age and gender difference in our language, we see that, names of domestic animals used at the economy paradigmatic relations. The reason so called because of its position in the life of people, their lifestyle is an inseparable part of the living. In this study we gave the example according to calling of the animals age and gender n Azerbaijan language, dialects and Turkish written monuments. In additional, it talks about the metaphorization of human names, about the using of lexical-semantical lexems to characterize the human figuratively.

Azerbaijani language, zoonyms, lexical-semantic, age, gender, metaphor.

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