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An Oral History Essay Illuminating Armenian Events From the Accounts of Witnesses and Their Relatives Living in and Around Siirt
Different identities existing in the Anatolia, continued to live together until the the emergence of Russian-Armenian factor and cooperation in this region. There are too many documents and witness statements showing all the activities of the Armenian that were supported by Russia, especially outside forces. In this article, by wandering Siirt and its surroundings, we tried to write Armenian events by listening witnesses and their relatives who are alive. As a result of listening them, we have composed a fine example of oral history essay by comparing new informations with other historical events. The elders in Siirt and its surrounding who saw and heard Armenian rebellions, people in Anatolia and Khojali witnesses exposed to Armenian atrocity report a lot of things . all of them that people narrated reveal the cruelty and historical events once again. Armenians and their supporters they dominated the public opinion of the world working systematically for many years. So we need to be study again the Muslim Turks of genocide. I believe as the number of such studies based on new information, witness and resources increase, prejudices, legal and political approaches will be changed in a positive sense.

Ottoman, Muslim, Siirt, Armenian, witness.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 62. sayı yayınlandı

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