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Administrative Structure Of The Bosnia By The Bosnia Annual That First Annual Of Province Date Of 1283 (1866-1867)
Annual Word meaning almanac in Turkish and also other name “new year” occurred than words of “year” with “letter” in Persian. Annuals is divided into two as public and private annuals. Public annuals are annuals of state, province and supervision. The first annual of state in Ottoman has published since 1847, has continued to be published until 1922. İf the annual of province in Ottoman was published first time in Bosnia in the year 1283(1866-67). Annuals of Halep (1284), Konya (1285), Syria (1285) ve Danube (1285) were published later. İf annuals were published by Beirut province in 1333-1335 (1915-1917) and Bolu starboard 1337-1338 (1921-1922) are last annual of province published in Ottoman State. İf annuals of supervision which is the official annuals are published in between 1282-1326 (1865-1908). Annuals were published by Some private institutions and individuals in Ottoman also enter to group of special annuals. The first of these was published by Ali Suavi “Turkey” with name in Paris 1288 (1871). Annuals writed with dates of events, offer wide knowledge to researchers about economic, political, military and administrative structure of Ottoman State in general and province of this state in private. We taked to administrative structures of Bosnia according to the annual of Bosnia which is the first province annual dated 1283 (1866-67).

Ottoman State, Province, Bosnia, Annual, Administrative Structures

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