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Contribution of The Student Expenditures of Artvin Coruh University to Artvin Economy
Universities have direct, indirect and induced contributions to the local economy. These contributions are handled from two perspectives, income and employment. Expenditures made by university students constitute an important spending group that contributes to local economy vitality and indirect income contribution. In this study, the amount of student expenditures, the distribution of these expenditures among various spending groups and the contribution to the provincial economy were analyzed by using the data obtained from the questionnaires applied to the associate and undergraduate students of Artvin Coruh University during the 2016-2017 academic year. As a result of the research, it was determined that a student spent an average of 640,996 TL per month and that 6398 students who were studying at Artvin Coruh University contributed 36.909.831,67 TL per annum to the provincial economy. More than half of the average monthly spending of students constitutes food and housing expenditures.

Artvin Coruh University, student expenditures, economic contribution, analysis of expenditures

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