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An Analysis of Turkish Emigrations from Bulgaria towards the EU Countries in the Period After 2001
In the historical process, Turkish emigrations from Bulgaria directed to the Ottoman Empire and her successor Turkey. The emigration route of Turks of Bulgaria changed from Turkey towards the European Union (EU) countries after the year of 2001, when the citizens of Bulgaria had the right to move freely in the EU countries. Even if the movement of emigration mentioned is irregular and temporary, it is tend to become permanent emigration after 2007 in which Bulgaria became a member of EU and especially after 2014. In the period of after 2001, the movement of emigration from Bulgaria is based on economic reasons. However, the problems that Turkish minority encountered in socio-cultural life and the effects of political developments in the country have triggered the emigration towards Western European countries. Emigrations in the period after 2001 have the risks for the future of Turkish population in Bulgaria. The purpose of this study is to analyze Turkish emigrations from Bulgaria after 2001. In the article, it is asserted that these emigrations in comparison with emigrations in the 20th century have different characteristics and reasons, and can cause negative results for Turkish presence in Bulgaria.

Turks of Bulgaria, Bulgaria, European Union, Turkey, Emigration.

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