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The Byzantine Empire is one of the longest-lived states in world history and is considered to have been formed by the division of the Byzantine Empire into the Roman Empire. During the years he ruled, he left his own architectural monuments, and with the spread of Christianity, he found great monuments, especially in church architecture. Today, the churches built at that time are regarded as pilgrimage centers of Christians. The Sumela Monastery of the Black Sea Region of Trabzon is also the most important of the pilgrimage centers. The Black Sea Region is one of the well-preserved regions of Anatolia in terms of Byzantine monuments. The reason why the Black Sea Region is preferred in the study is that the monuments in the region are preserved and some of them are still standing. The historical process of the Byzantine monuments in the Black Sea Region has been examined in the study. The study covers ancient cities and churches built during Byzantine rule in Bartın, Zonguldak, Ordu, Trabzon, Rize and Amasya.

Blacksea, Byzantion, Tourism, Ancient Town.

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