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Gibi Morpheme and Its Multifunctional Aspect In Terms of Functional Grammar
All meaning and task items in language have different or common functions in language. In this regard, it is needed to study the all functions of morphemes rather than study just one function for functional/pragmatic grammar. Functional research that is the necessity of functional grammar means to be taken into account in other aspects of morphemes function. In some studies gibi have been studied by its semantic field and the valency that the suffix used before it. Gibi that is evaluated in the postpositions or functional words will be evaluated of its multifunction in this study. Gibi will also be studied in terms of syntactic, modality and collocation in this study. It has been tried to provide other bound or free morpheme units that meet the semantic fields pointed out by the formatting as the usage frequency is questioned.

Gibi, morphemes, functional grammar, multifunctionality

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