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A Wooden Mosque from Kastamonu: Beldegirmen Village Mosque
Kastamonu which is one of the oldest center of population Anatolia has included many cultural heritage factors due to its historical processes that it has had. One of the aforementioned cultural heritage factors is the mosque which is in Beldegirmen Village connected to Kastamonu's Bozkurt District. The wooden mosque is one of the important models in Anatolia in terms of wooden material use in the traditional architecture. The wooden material which is an important in Black Sea Region's building culture as it has been preferred with its performance from past up to today. The wooden material is wide and various was ingeniously used on bearing systems and other components of Beldegirmen Village Mosque. It is out of use due to its disrepair and the preferrence on a new mosque which is nearby. The objective of this study was to examine and promotion of wooden material use in Beldegirmen Village Wooden Mosque.

Kastamonu, Beldeğirmen, Mosque, Historical Mosque, Wooden Mosque.

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