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An Analysis of Crimean Dispute In the Context of State Formation and Extinction of States Type in International Law
The Crimean question has become top agenda issue of international community in recent time. There are many factor of this question that affects international system in terms of political, economical, social, geopolitical, historical aspects. With this regard, when we look at the Crimea question in the international law perspective there are also many reflections and potential affects to international system as a whole. In fact, the local qualified confusion and conflict in Ukraine starting at November 2013 suddenly has been leaping to Crimean peninsula and then it was resulted with breaking away from bounded Ukrainian motherland and later on unification with Russian Federation since February 2014. Without any reasonable reason in appearance break-up of an autonomous region from Ukraine and then declaration of independence and furthermore unification with Russian Federation have been brought new discussion within international law. This study mainly aimed analyze the Crimea question in the context of state formation; self determination, secession, unification, and extinction of state formations; dissolution, annexation, voluntary absorption methods.

Crimea, Ukraine, Crimean Dispute, State Formation, Types of Extinction of States, International Law

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