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The Pontus Question within the Turkish Liberation War and the Role of Greece
Pontus as a name, given by Greeks in old ages for BlackSea region, it is also called Pontus in this region for a state, that Greeks established a concept to enliven, Persian dynasty oriented Pontus Kingdom founded around 301 BC and at beginning of the XX.th century, Greeks purposed to establish a Rum Pontus state. This idea first appeared with foundation of Philikí Etaireía and independence of Greece as a sove-reign state, then the region taken by name Pontus, as an object of Megali Idea. After The Armistice of Mudros, then, Pontus separatist gangs, concentrated on Samsun and east of BlackSea region, become an increasing threat in the region due to shifting of diplomatic efforts mass center to Europe because this problem is become a part of Paris Peace Conference agenda and advancement of Greek armies in western Anatolia. After that, TBMM government, at the beginning of 1920, took serious measures against and at the first quarter of 1923 Pontus gangs? insurgency is completely repelled. At Conference of Lausanne, the matter is to achieving a solution accordingly to principle of swap Turkish and Rum folks. <

Megali Idea, Empire of Trebizond, Greek war strategies.

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