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Sürdürülebilir Konteyner Terminal İşlemleri: Sıkıntılar ve Gelişmeler
Maritime transportation has the largest share between all other transportation modes with its cost effectiveness. Regarding growth in container traffic, ports business grown into a much more challenging environment. One of the biggest issues to rise in port business in twenty first century has been ‘sustainability’. Due to harsh competition in port business it is not easy to talk about triple bottom line in efficient and sustainable port operations. Most of the upgrades in container terminals are technology dependent. While this is pushing the financial limits, adding environmental, social, efficient and productive measures into the equation opens up multidisciplinary research field of study. Researchers embraced performance measuring techniques extensively in earlier studies. It is not so easy to find a study on enhancing performance sustainability. There are commonly known temporary techniques for productivity increase in port business but during the literature reviews around sustainable operations of seaport – supply chain integration, there came across no studies explaining all aspects of the subject. This study aims to clarify the path to sustainable advancements and challenges in efficient and sustainable container terminal operations.<

Container Terminal, Terminal Operations, Terminal Performance, Sustainability, Performance Enhanceme

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